My Muses

This blog is mainly an attempt for me to explore how I feel about digital and technological issues within the framework of being a parent. Educating myself and staying current with the ever evolving digital world so that I can responsibly teach my children about using the internet, not just safely, but wisely. As I quest I frequently come across websites and blog posts that inspire or intrigue me. This is a collection of resources that have made me think, been a muse to me or otherwise helpful/educational.

Generation Wired: An article from Parade Magazine that explores the hyper-connected world and how it affects our growing children. Insightful and thought provoking.

Social Media & Job Screening: An infographic from Mashable about how employers use social networks to screen potential candidates. Interesting information on how social media can both enhance and detract from your possible job opportunities (why you cannot bury your head in the sand).

The Internet of Things: While this article is referencing a particular product, it definitely gets me to thinking about how much our lives have changed and how much they’re going to change as all our devices become more and more connected.

Facebook Privacy in the Workplace: Tell me, how do you feel about being forced to share your password for Facebook and other social media sites when applying for a job?

Meme’d Kids: What  happens to kids after they’ve been meme’d, how it got started and how they feel about it. Good food for thought before posting your own kids pictures and videos.

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