Bit by byte exploring technology to transform from a Stone Age Caterpillar to a Tech Savvy Butterfly.

As a modern mom to two rowdy boys it’s critical that I stay current with the rapidly changing digital world, know my way around social media and understand what’s happening around me.

Tech junkie, internet addict, sci-fi geek and Ginger Extraordinaire!

Places you can find me:

Google Plus: http://www.google.com/+stephanievanpelt

Additional Blog: gingersnappedtravels.wordpress.com

Twitter: twitter.com/gingersvp

  1. well,I am enjoying discovering more about YOU, the kids, big decisions
    you’ve made, you seem as if you are a true friend, some people just drain
    me. I wonder how you really relax,deal w / pressure / I wish you and
    people you care about a wonderful, cozy holiday season. ; D
    may. all. your. dough. rise. !!!

  2. my comment may never appear,all good stuff, i am. an all over the
    world girl,art,paint,music,3 grown. guys / clever stuff from you on FB
    my guys. / kids / turkey / coming to town. / keep in the jacuzzi 104
    w /towels and desert recipes / wine/ NEARBY. be. happy Julie sheriff

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