But wait! There’s more!

After 6 straight days of rain from Tropical Storm Debby I feel that I’m in the middle of an infomercial.

Act now for this exciting opportunity for gusty winds, 12″+ of rain, storm damage and flooding waters. Not enough for you?


On a more serious note:

If you’ve never driven in tropical storm or hurricane force winds it’s really quite an experience. Sheets of rain come at your car, sharp edge head on as it shatters across your windshield.

All senses are at full alert, you must be ready for random debris in the road, patches of standing water and gusts of wind that can suddenly shift you into the nearby lane. I can only imagine this heightened state mirrors a hunter and its prey. The storm is playing cat and mouse with me and I find I don’t particularly care to be baited by the cheese right now.

Everything is soggy and wet; the sky an unending maelstrom of varying shades of gray. By sharp contrast the trees and grass are a rich, vibrant green and the air has a curious golden/orange tone to it as only small portions of the sun’s yellow-white light permeates the blanketing clouds above.

The trees have given up their harmonious dance in gentle winds as they now convulse in the fighting embrace intensified by the jagged gusts. The wind is far from steady. One moment a wisp, then next the force of mother nature pummels you from an unexpected direction.

Fields have become small ponds, drainage ditches overflow to the ground and streets nearby. On the roads themselves, you can see waves of water dancing in the wind.The water continues to rise, an impending disaster as it looms closer and closer to the only dry spaces you have left, your castle, your fortress, your home.

But you’ve made it. Safely home. Outside the wind and rain battle on….


    • Anonymous
    • June 27th, 2012

    Be careful Steph!

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