Geek Mom Strikes Again

Scratched lens on my camera phone. Grrrrr….

The truly frustrating part is that all my pictures come out foggy, hazy. I have another camera that I use, but the fun convenience of being able to snap a worthy photo on my phone has evaporated.

Well, say what you will about the design flaw that has a protruding camera lens, one of the things I love about my Evo is that it is entirely repairable.

My first step was to take a trip down to my local, friendly Sprint Store. The techs there are always pleasant, but I have to be honest, they’re not capable of anything more than regurgitating the statement, “Let me put your phone on our diagnostic tool for you.”  They weren’t permitted by Sprint to make any other types of repairs and suggested a phone repair shop a few doors down. Alternatively, they were also quite happy to help me into a whole new phone.

The thing is, I was only willing to pay someone to replace the lens cover if they were authorized Sprint repairs. And there was no way I was going to purchase an entirely new phone over a small repair. The technician looked at me with shock when I replied back, “That’s OK, I’ll do it myself.” I’m certain that he never expected a 30-something year old lady with a 6 year old boy in tow was capable of handling things herself. Well guess what? I’m a Geek Mom. I got this.

$3.99 later + $2 shipping, I’ve received my replacement lens cover. Yup, $6 total for the parts.

Turns out, replacing the lens cover is ridiculously, stupidly easy. As in, my 9 year old son more than likely could have handled it. Want to know how?

1. Remove the back cover and battery.

2. With a box-knife blade pry off the outer ring and the lens cover.

3. Place the new lens cover and outer ring on the phone. New adhesive was included.

4. Attach battery and back cover.

Done. 5 minutes and $6. Who’s yo mama now?



    • Ted
    • May 7th, 2012

    YOU is da momma!

    • Ian
    • May 7th, 2012

    So wait, if I scratch up my phone lens and take a picture of a police station it’ll come our looking like a Corellian light freighter? Cell phones are getting so complicated.

  1. Where did you get the parts? Found you via Google search. Member – The Geekettes Club, Virginia Beach, VA – techy chicks rule!

  2. The information is very useful. Thank you for sharing the knowledge with me. I hope you can continue to post articles so that I can always get new knowledge from you. once again I thank you and wish you continued success

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