Gadget Girl

I’m not quite sure when I became a gadget girl, but it smacked me full force upside my head when my ex-husband asked my opinion on the new Kindle Fire. Here’s the thing, he’s a professional computer technician and, while highly technologically literate, I have far less knowledge about all the computer guts that goes into these devices. But….somewhere, somehow I’ve transformed into one of those people that are now sought out for advice before making a purchase!

I’ve always been a clever girl, but I largely left the programming of all those gadgets to others. Hook up the surround sound stereo? Hoooooooney! Come do it for me! Virus on my computer? Drop it to my ex for repair and recovery. What phone to purchase? Last year I posed the question to Facebook and listened to the most reasonable, knowledgeable sounding person. But, after a torrid love affair with my Evo I found myself thirsty for more.

Before purchasing the tablet I’m now using to publish this very post, I poured over tech websites, read reviews, balanced my needs and desired features and decided by my very own little self exactly which gadget was right for me. And yes, I’m quite pleased with my decision. Even the purchase of this tablet had people requesting for me to post a review. Why and how did I suddenly become authoritative on these types of matters?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining….just flattered and slightly mystified at my own transformation. Ask my ex, he’ll tell you about every little fight we had about upgrading his phone. I never could understand why he had to have a new one when his old one still worked just fine. But, oh, do I get it now. When the iPad was announced I found the entire idea of tablet computing outrageous and unnecessary. Then again, ever a science fiction geek I probably should have realized my inner geek would eventually override it all. How could I resist a device so like the ones used by Wesley Crusher and Geordi La Forge in Star Trek?

My entire goal with this blog was too force myself to learn about gadgets, websites, blogging and technology so that I would know how to present it all to my children. I need to be “in the know” if I ever want a smidgeon of a chance at being able to use the technology to assist with parenting rather than be intimidated by flashing lights and unknown social networks. Looks like it might be working….if only a little bit.

    • David P.
    • December 22nd, 2011

    If my experience is any guide, whatever you do, the kids will zoom past you. I introduced them to a PC when they were very young, but once they got the idea of how the mouse worked, I was having to work hard to keep ahead of them. These days it’s kind of neat that they lecture *me* in how it all works. :o)

  1. Hey Gadget girl!

    What kind of tablet did you get?

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